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Western Reserve Unit

The purposes of the Western Reserve Herb Society are to further the knowledge and use of herbs and to contribute the results of the experiences and research of its members to the records of horticulture and science and to disseminate this information through various channels.

The Western Reserve Herb Society was founded May 22, 1942 by a group of educationally minded vivacious women who delighted in the horticultural, medicinal and culinary aspects of herbs. There were women of great community activism dedicating their efforts to educating their membership and the Greater Cleveland Ohio community about the use of herbs. The original thirteen women began the path that would eventually bring the WRHS to its present day status. The current members are actively involved in fund raising that supports one of the nation's largest and finest herb gardens located on the grounds of Cleveland Botanical Garden. The unique characteristics of each of the nine garden sections enchant the many visitors that come throughout the year. The Knot Garden, antique grinding stones and Armillary are always top on the list of most photographed. Our garden offers opportunities for horticultural research for its members and boasts of educational placements for students from colleges and Green Corp. Monies are mainly secured through our annual Herb Fair held each October at the Botanical Garden and an herbal plant sale conducted during the prestigious Cleveland Botanical Garden Flower Show held semi-annually in May. The group supports two college scholarships each year for young people interested in horticulture and the environment. Today, lectures, symposiums, herbal products, plants, gardening and culinary adventures are simply the norm for the educationally minded vivacious women and men of the WRHS.

The WRHS holds three scheduled Wednesday meetings a month: the first Wednesday is designated for Horticulture, the third Wednesday for the Unit meeting and the fourth Wednesday for Culinary. All Tuesdays and Thursdays are assigned days for the care and maintenance of the Herb Garden. Our membership is open to anyone with a desire to learn about herbs. Our monthly newsletter, "Herb Scents" reports the personal, educational, horticultural and culinary activities and endeavors of the membership. Our Mission is to inform interested individuals on the knowledge and delights of the fascinating world of herbs. However, we do not give advice on or advocate the use of herbs as medicine. The medicinal aspect of herbs from our point of view is ONLY from a historical interest.

Contact Unit Chairman, Kate Williams, at Western Reserve Herb Society, Cleveland Botanical Garden, 11030 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio, 44106.