Year Topic
2009 Not Awarded
2008 Title: Tumeric and Ginger Extracts in the Prevention of Osteoclastic Bone Destruction." Purpose of the research is to determine relative efficacies of chemical components of turmeric and ginger in the inhabition of osteoclastic differentiation (arthritis)."
2007 Evaluation of nonanoic acid and Trichoderma harzianum as biocontrol agents in the suppression of Pythium spp. and Botrytis cinerea in Occimum basilicum L.
2006 Limiting similarity and species coexistence in the herbaceous layer of old growth and secondary forests
2005 Not Awarded
2004 Not Awarded
2003 Genetic diversity of Acorus calamus. Dissection of complex patterns of polyploid formation in Pycnanthemum.
2002 Relationships between Gingko biloba and Ginseng on apoptosis in Alzheimer's fibroblasts.
2001 Phylogenetic relationships and taxonomic status of narrowly endemic Monarda taxa.
2000 Preserving knowledge of traditional plants in the Houma Community of Louisiana.
1999 Localization and conservation of genetic variation in Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius): An imperiled American herb.
1998 No grant awarded.
1997 Traditional dye plants of the Huichol Indians of Mexico.
1996 Molecular biological analyses of herb action. Dramatic poisonings in Elizabethan England.
1995 Development of a DNA Probe for the detection of Fusarium in Basil.
1994 Herbs as inducers of protective proteins. Search for the nootropic saponin(s) in Panax quinquefolium
1993 Rascally verses and roguish tobacco: The tobacco polemic in Early Modern England. Winter survival and effects of pruning on Lavandula species and cultivars. Identifying genetic markers and their role in selecting chemotypes in perennial Lamiaceae.
1992 The in-activation of lipoxygenase and peroxidase activities by extracts of herbs. Herbalist to the King: The travels & writings of Philibert Commerson.
1991 Imagistic associations of garlic in Greek and Latin literature. Landscape uses and hardiness of herbs in Tennessee.
1990 Tropical herbs of Hawaii. Printing of three color plates for the Fuchs Herbal. Genetics of sex allocation in coriander.
1988 Tussie-mussies, nosegays, and sweet poseys. A taxonomic study of the genus Ocimum.
1987 Cell culture studies of pokeweed antiviral compound. On-site research of medieval plants and gardens in Hungary and Poland.
1986 Herbs in the landscape: A design and planting guide.
1985 A weaver's garden.
1984 Plants in the 14th and 15th century: Paintings of St. Sebastian.
1983 Final typing of manuscript - This Booke of Sovereigne Medicines Handbook on gardens: Archeological evidence.
1982 Susceptibility of herbs to air pollution. Transportation of collection of Mentha herbarium from Michigan to Delaware.
1981 Study of the taxa of Thymus.
1980 Transcription of vernacular medical manuscript in Folger Library. Louisiana kitchen gardens, 1750-1850.
1979 Completion of plant lists for the National Herb Garden, National Arboretum.
1977 Filming of vernacular medical manuscript in Folger Library.
1977-78 Plant lists for the National Herb Garden, National Arboretum.
1970-76 Genus Mentha.