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A New, More Secure Member Search for HSA Members

We've set up a new access system for the member area that provides:

  • Your own, individual user name (your email address) and password;
  • An automated password retrieval system should you forget yours;
  • An area where you can change or update your own acccount information.

To use the new system, use the “New Login - Get Your New Password” link on this page. You’ll see a page with a login (to manage your account details), and the “Forgot your password” feature you will use to obtain a password.

Please note that you must have an email address in our system, and be a currently registered member to retrieve a new password.

Passwords are case-sensitive.

Enter your email address in the “Forgot your password” box, and as long as we have your existing email in our system, a new, randomly-generated password will be sent to you. You have four hours to use this password before it expires.

Once you’re logged in, you will be able to change your password or other information from the Membership Page. Simly click "Membership Directory and then use the desired link to view or update your profile, or change your password.