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The Herb Society of America is dedicated to promoting the knowledge, use and delight of herbs through educational programs, research, and sharing the experience of its members with the community.

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A Recipe for Traditions

Food traditions this time of year take center stage as we share time with family and
friends. Renewing America’s Food Traditions (RAFT) is a consortium organized through Slow Food USA with the goal of documenting and restoring America’s agricultural bio-diversity—one mouthful at a time, taking what is old and making it new again. Visit their website at: www.albc-usa.org/RAFT/about.html  to discover what foods in your part of the country you can help bring back to life to keep your food traditions alive and well. Enjoy learning about the food customs of the many cultures in this vast world while watching any of the following food-related movies. These movies are an enjoyable way to pass the time during the cold winter months ahead: Eat, Love, Pray; Babette’s Feast; Big Night; Ratatouille; Mostly Martha; The 100 Foot Journey; Eat, Drink, Man, Woman; The Secret of the Grain; Julie and Julia; and Burnt.

As we enter the season of giving, remember HSA in your year-end donation plans. We offer many ways to give to our organization. Consider a single or monthly pledge, make a donation for conference sponsor-ship, use your experience to serve on committees, write for any of our publications, present an educa-tional program, or serve on the board of directors. Your donation supports our efforts throughout the year and helps us continue our mission.

You can also do some of your holiday shopping with HSA. Consider giving an HSA gift membership to that special gardener. Visit the Garden Gallery for all the wonderful garden related products to order for that herb lover in your life.

The Connecticut Unit recently celebrated a milestone 60th anniversary in November during their annual meeting at a lovely luncheon. I was honored to be included in the celebration. I listened to the amazing accomplishments that have occurred over 60 years, which left me inspired and impressed. I heard of the many traditions they have and continue to carry into the future. CONGRATULATIONS!

With the end of the year rapidly approaching and the holiday season sneaking up fast, the board of directors of HSA and I want to wish you Happy Holidays. We also want to take this time to thank you for doing the work you do in your communities, in your public gardens, spreading the use and delight of herbs, and for being an HSA member.

Wishing you and your families all the best for a happy upcoming holiday season. 

Herbally yours, Susan

Making Last-Minute Donations Count

Contributions are deductible in the tax year they're made, but many people put off donating until the last minute. Fortunately, you have until December 31 to donate for the 2015 tax year. Donations made online, by phone or using social media that are charged to a credit card on or before midnight on December 31 count for 2015 — even if the bill isn't paid until 2016. Mailed checks also count for 2015 as long as they're postmarked no later than December 31.

The Herbarist will soon be on its way!

Just what we've all been waiting for, The Herbarist has been printed and will soon be on its way to all our members! This year its chock-full of great articles and lovely images, with a particular focus on the history and beauty of the National Herb Garden -- featured is a photo-pictorial of the NHG.  As always, sure to tickle your mind, entertain and delight you.